Welcome to the Florida Division of the International Association for Identification

The Florida Division of the International Association for Identification is a non-profit professional association for forensic scientists, crime scene technicians, evidence technicians, latent print examiners and all other law enforcement employees who are interested in the scientific investigation of crime. The FDIAI is the largest state chartered division of the International Association for Identification and hosts one of the largest annual educational training conferences available in the country.

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MORGAN HAYS, President


Welcome to the newly redesigned FDIAI website. On this site you will find pages of information dedicated to the forensic professional including upcoming forensic training and employment opportunities.


As you have probably already guessed, we take pride in sharing the fact that the Florida Division is the largest state division of the International Association for Identification.  But that doesn’t mean we are content with this accomplishment.  We are always looking for new members to join our organization as well as to keep current members coming back. I encourage all members to promote membership among fellow forensic professionals and students.


The training and education of forensic professionals are of paramount importance to the FDIAI.  During the year, you will be contacted by the FDIAI Regional Director of your area regarding training opportunities.  I also encourage you to contact your Regional Director with ideas regarding any training needs or what training you would like to see offered.  The FDIAI Regional Director’s contact information is available online at the FDIAI website or listed in the FDIAI newsletter.

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