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The FDIAI has an opening for the position of Secretary/Treasurer

The FDIAI has an opening for the position of Secretary/Treasurer

The FDIAI is posting the position of Secretary/Treasurer out to the general membership, the position is a board appointment and serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors, but shall not have a vote in their deliberations.  Please refer to the FDIAI By-Laws Section 4.08 for duties but some additional duties of this position are:

  • This position oversees the application process for Membership for all levels of the Association along with incoming application fee.
  • Quarterly the Access Data is reported to the Newsletter Printer for Mailing, Annual Dues mailing is also generated from the Access data base.
  • Twice yearly this position is required to attend the Board of Directors meetings and record the minutes of the meeting an audio recording to archived and written recording.
  • At the Annual Membership Meeting yearly this position is required to attend the meeting and provide audio recording to be archived and written recording to be published in the FDIAI Newsletter.
  • Chairperson of the Membership Committee which maintains an accurate data base of members and annual invoicing of dues.
  • This position is responsible for maintaining an accurate accounting of the finances of the Association. Sources of funding will arrive from funds from Memberships, Newsletter Advertisers, Conference profits and Donations. 
  • Accounts in the association name must be balanced monthly, examples of those accounts are: Reinhart funds, Bank Statements, Credit Card Statements and Investment Statements.
  • File annually required forms with the State of Florida to maintain the Incorporations records.

Qualification and Education Requirements,

Applicant must at minimum be an Active Member with 10 years of continued membership and has operational knowledge of accounting and business software.

Have knowledge of the Constitution and By-laws of the FDIAI and be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order.

The official address of the Association will be the home address of the new Secretary/Treasurer and be listed in all publications and official documentation.

A complete background check of the applicant will be completed to include criminal and financial checks.

If interested in the position please send an inquiry for an application to Lawrence Stringham, Email him at by no later than the end of the business day of Friday, March 3rd 2017.

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