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Download the new FDIAI Membership Brochure in PDF format here.

Active Membership
The active membership of the FDIAI shall consist of persons who are engaged in the science of identification and who are bona-fide employees of and are receiving salaries from National, State, County or Municipal Governments, or some sub-divisions thereof, and who are actively engaged in the practice of the profession.  


Associate Membership
All reputable persons, wholly or partially engaged in any of the various phases of the science of identification and who are not qualified for active membership are eligible to become Associate Members, except they shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.  


Student Membership
All reputable persons who are students at an accredited college or university and cannot already be a member of the association. The individual must include with the application a valid and current student identification card or a letter, on a college letterhead, from a professor or instructor verifying that the individual is qualified for student membership. Student members may not vote or hold any office within the organization.  


Distinguished Member
Distinguished Membership. Distinguished Membership may be conferred only on Members by a majority vote of the F.D.I.A.I. Board of Directors in recognition of the Member’s superior efforts in the furtherance of the aims and purposes of the F.D.I.A.I. A Distinguished Member retains all the rights, privileges, and obligations of the class of membership he or she held prior to being designated as a Distinguished Member.

(a.) Application. Application for Distinguished member status shall be made to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association on the designated form. In addition to the completed application form, copies of supporting documentation shall be provided by the applicant (e.g. copies of articles, conference registrations, etc.). It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to gather all such documentation pertaining to their application. Upon confirmation by the Secretary/Treasurer (or a committee designated by the President) that the applicant meets the established criteria, the application shall be forwarded to the Board of Directors for consideration. Upon affirmative vote of the Board of Directors the designation of “Distinguished Member” shall be conferred. A certificate will be issued by the Secretary/Treasurer to the recipient in recognition of their attainment.

(b.) Eligibility. Any eligible member who accrues ten (10) points in the manner outlined below and who has not been censured or otherwise disciplined during the period of membership is eligible to apply. Accrual of points is retroactive at full rate.  


(A) Publication. Publication Points (Minimum of 4 points, Maximum of 6 points)
1. Articles/Technical Notes published, authored/co-authored in the Official FDIAI Publication 1 point 


(B.) Participation. Association Participation Points (Minimum of 4 points, Maximum of 6 points)

1. Attendance at F.D.I.A.I. Educational Conference attendance 1 point (maximum 2 points)

2. Officer/ Past President /Board of Directors Member/Committee Member 1 point (max 2 points)

3. Presentation of a lecture or workshop at a F.D.I.A.I. Educational Conference 1 point (max 4 points)

4. Philanthropy. Association Participation Points (maximum of 2 points)

Recognition level support of the Rinehart Foundation.$250.00 Amount can be cumulative.

5. Association Recognition. Recipient of an F.D.I.A.I recognition award (maximum of 4 points) Sustained Achievement Award 1 point Good of the Association Award 1 point Outstanding Forensic Science Award 1 point 



Dues are $35 per year plus a first year non-refundable fee of $5

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FDIAI Officers
The Officers of the Florida Division of the International Association for Identification are elected at the annual General Membership Meeting. For a list of the current officers, their addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, click here. 


Board of Directors
Except the chairperson, who is the immediate past-president, the Directors are elected at the annual General Membership Meeting. The Board of Directors also includes all past presidents. For a list of the current directors, their addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, click here. 


The Committees are appointed annually by either the President or Chairperson of the Board of Directors. For a list of the current committees, click here. 


Code of Conduct
As a member of the Florida Division of the International Association for Identification, and being actively engaged in the profession of Scientific Identification and Investigation, I dedicate myself to the efficient and scientific administration thereof in the interest of Justice and the betterment of Law Enforcement.

To cooperate with others of the profession, promote improvement through research, and disseminate such advancement in my effort to make more effective the analysis of the expert.

To employ my technical knowledge factually, with zeal and determination, to protect the ethical standards of the profession of Scientific Identification and Investigation.

I humbly accept my responsibility to Public Trust and seek continued guidance that I may keep inviolate the Profession of Law Enforcement. 


This page will list the dates, time, and place for all scheduled meetings. To view the meetings schedule, click here. 


Past Presidents
This page will list the past presidents of the association. 


Region Boundaries
There are five regions in the FDIAI separated geographically. Each region has a region director elected to represent the region in administering the organization’s affairs.