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Renew Expired Memberships

Individual members whose memberships have EXPIRED within the last three (3) years can renew their membership here.

          ** Members whose memberships expired more than three years ago MUST complete a new membership application.


Select the number of years from the pull down list that you would like to renew today!

Renew for 2019-2020Select 2
Renew for 2018-2020Select 3


Renew (2 -3 years)

PAYING BY CHECK: Agencies who wish to renew multiple memberships by check may send the invoices mailed by the FDIAI to each member (or in the alternative, a list of members with member numbers) along with the check, to the FDIAI Office at:
William Schade
FDIAI Secretary/Treasurer
4444 Worthington Circle
Palm Harbor, FL 34685