The City of Miami has an opening for a Latent Print Examiner

City of Miami

Latent Print Examiner

SALARY: $63,405.26 – $119,560.27 Annually JOB CODE: 5030-20180730-SUPP2

FLSA CODE: Non-exempt position

OPENING DATE: 07/30/18 CLOSING DATE: 09/28/18 05:00 PM


This is specialized and technical work in latent fingerprint/palm print examination and identification within the Police Department. Work involves the examination, comparison, and identification of latent fingerprints/palm prints and other specialized methods utilizing chronology knowledge of latent print processing. Work includes the responsibility for the maintenance and identification of criminal evidential records and latent fingerprint/palm print evidence. Work is intellectual and varied in nature as opposed to routine mental, manual, mechanical, and physical work and involves the consistent exercise of judgment and discretion in its performance. Work may be performed on an assigned basis as part of an investigation/prosecution of criminal offenders. Direct supervision is received from the Senior Latent Print Examiner or designee who reviews work for completeness, technical quality, and adherence to departmental standards.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Develops, compares, evaluates, identifies, and prepares latent fingerprints/palm prints for court exhibits, and testifies in all courts of law as a qualified expert witness. Develops and maintains latent fingerprint/palm print files; keeps files on single and partial fingerprints/palm prints found at crime scenes for possible future identification. May provide latent identification services to other municipalities, counties, state, and federal agencies. Utilizes the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (A.F.I.S.) for search of latent prints, generated from open criminal cases, in an attempt to identify criminals. Classifies fingerprints/palm prints and records classifications according to standard classification codes; searches files to find specific prints or make comparisons. May assist in the training of, but not limited to: Crime Scene Investigators, Latent Print Examiner Trainees and Police Recruits in the basic and advanced techniques of crime scene processing, latent print processing and court room testimony. Performs other related work as required.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Associate’s Degree in Police Science, Criminal Justice, or related field from an accredited college or university, and four (4) years experience in latent finger/palm print examination, comparison, identification, and development with a recognized law enforcement agency, which must have included courtroom testimony. OR Equivalent combination of training and experience beyond a high school diploma.
NOTE #1: Certification as a Latent Print Examiner from the International Association of Identification is highly preferred. NOTE #2: Education beyond a Bachelor’s degree will not substitute for the required years of experience. NOTE #3: IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE STATED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS, SELECTION WILL BE BASED ON THE RESULTS OF AN ORAL STRUCTURED INTERVIEW AMD TEST OF PROFICIENCY IN IDENTIFYING LATENT FINGERPRINTS.

DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must scan, upload, and attach copies of the following documents at the same time on online application submissions for employment consideration:

1. Proof of education in the form of college diploma. College diploma may be submitted if degree major is stated on the face of the degree instrument

2. If degree major is not stated on the face of the college diploma, unofficial transcripts indicating major and the fact that a degree was conferred must be submitted. 3. Degree Audits are not accepted in lieu of transcripts. Foreign degrees, certificates or diplomas require transcript evaluations by American colleges, universities, or a NACES approved transcript evaluation service, which determines reciprocity to education in the United States. Translations of education and training obtained outside of the United States are not accepted. NOTE #1: Please be sure to attach all required documents to your application each time you apply. Uploaded documents remain in your profile but they will not attach automatically and you will be deemed ineligible without proper documentation. NOTE #2: An application will be deemed ineligible if the required documents are not uploaded and attached to the application form. City of Miami employee’s applications must reflect their current position and detail their work experience. City of Miami employees must upload and attach all required documentation to their application prior to submission. Additionally, applicants must detail any related experience on the application or risk disqualification. Resumes may be attached, however; information must be clearly detailed on the application, as resumes are not accepted or reviewed in lieu of the employment application. The City of Miami makes an effort to preserve the integrity of your personal data as much as is feasible. Scanning your files separately facilities this effort. If you fail to scan these documents separately, it will be presumed that you have provided authorization to submit the entire file containing multiple documents to the hiring department as part of your application. All documents that you upload as part of your application must be added as separate attachments (e.g. Copy of high school diploma = Attachment 1; copy of driver’s license = Attachment 2).

TOXICOLOGY: P rospective employees may be required to submit to a toxicology, medical, and background screening. All costs associated with background screenings may be at the applicant’s expense. Veterans Preference: If claiming Veteran’s Preference, all Forms DD-214-“Member 4”, must be submitted with the application. In addition to the Form DD-214, applicants who have been awarded combat campaign/expeditionary medals that are not reflected on the Form DD-214 must submit supplemental documents from the Department of Defense that demonstrates possession of a combat/expeditionary medal, if seeking veteran’s preference points. For claiming Disabled Veteran’s Preference, a letter from Veteran’s Affairs or the Department of Defense dated within one year of the closing date is also needed. Letter of disability must state percentage of disability. Veteran’s preference points will be awarded in accordance with F.S.S. 295. Selection Preference for City Residents: I n accordance with APM 2-02, applicants for classified positions who are City of Miami residents and new hires will receive preference in selection from interview ranking bands provided that any two (2) of the following documents are submitted with the application and again at the time of interview: A. Utility bill dated within 60 days of the date of submission B . Valid Florida Driver License or State-issued I.D. C . Property Tax Statement dated within 1 year of the date of submission D. Properly executed valid lease agreement E . Homestead Exemption dated within 1 year of the date of submission F . Motor Vehicle Registration dated within 90 days of the date of submission G . Official school records or transcripts, dated within 90 days of the date of submission H . W-2 (or 1099) Tax Form dated within 1 year of the date of submission

Applicants must provide a valid email address in order to receive notification of eligibility. Please be advised that you will not receive this information if a valid email address is not provided.


NOTE: Submit a new application each time you apply for a city job. Proof of education (diplomas, degrees, certifications, if required) and other documentation required to meet minimum requirements must be submitted at time of application unless otherwise indicated in the job announcement. Foreign degrees, certificates or diplomas require transcript evaluations by American colleges, universities, or a NACES approved transcript evaluation service, which determine reciprocity to education in the United States.
Veteran’s preference is awarded in accordance with Florida state statute 295. All Forms DD-214 must be submitted with the application, and must be legible. In addition to the DD-214, applicants who have been awarded combat campaign/expeditionary medals that are not reflected on the Form DD-214 must submit supplemental documents from the U. S. Department of Defense that demonstrate possession of a combat campaign/expeditionary medal by the closing date. If veteran’s preference is being claimed, questions related to military service must be answered on the application form. To receive disabled veteran’s preference, proof of a permanent service-connected disability or a current (less than 1 year old) letter of disability from the Department of Defense or Veteran’s Affairs that indicates the percentage of disability must be submitted with application. City employees and City of Miami residents may also receive preference during the hiring process. For more details, please visit the City website.
Prior to employment, successful completion of a background investigation will be required, and depending upon the type of position a medical examination may be required. Appointment (including promotions or transfers) to certain positions may require a drug screen, and be contingent upon submission of official transcripts. The City of Miami is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate.


OUR OFFICE IS LOCATED AT: 444 SW 2nd Avenue, 7th floor Miami, FL 33130 (305) 416-2170 TTY: 305-416-1730 FAXES NOT ACCEPTED

An Equal Opportunity Employer

LATENT PRINT EXAMINER Supplemental Questionnaire

* 1. Have you attached and uploaded a copy of your college diploma, transcripts or foreign education evaluations, (if applicable) by American colleges, universities, or a NACES approved transcript evaluation service, which determine reciprocity to education in the United States which verifies your graduation as specified in the job announcement? Your diploma or transcripts MUST be uploaded with your application before the closing date. If not, please be aware that your application will be deemed ineligible. Yes No

* 2. If applicable, to receive Veteran’s Preference, have you attached and uploaded all final DD214 forms, (either “Member #2” or “Member #4”), and ALL DOD letters of disability determination to this application? Yes No

* 3. I understand that my employment application will be deemed ineligible unless the required supporting documentation is scanned, uploaded and attached to the electronic application at the same exact time of submission Yes No

* 4. I understand that I will not be able to submit the required documentation after the recruitment closing date. Yes No

* Required Question